I Was Never Cool, In School

At the age of 18, I was 5'2". My senior picture looks like a Before Shot for a hormone therapy drug. Sports were never an option, but writing was. 

I love creating, writing, thinking and solving problems. But I'm not a traditional ad agency guy. I don't LIVE AND BREATHE AND SLEEP AND SNEEZE ADVERTISING. It's my job, and I do enjoy the hell out of it (with the amazing people at Swanson Russell, where the work on this site was created). But I also value being involved in a big ole variety of things that I hope make me a better person and, eventually, a better ad guy. Here are the other parts I play:

  • Man: to Linus, my dog/pride and joy.
  • Boy: to Ashley, my girl, who I will marry in 2014. Don't tell Linus, but I love her more.
  • Volunteer: For Launch, teaching middle school and high school students valuable leadership skills. I even served as the director of a 300-student summer workshop. 
  • Teacher: I've taught three semesters of an introduction to copywriting and concepting class at the University of Nebraska.
  • Fan: Husker and Horned Frog Football, specifically. Sometimes both teams play at the same time and I make what Ashley calls "a scene."
  • IPA enthusiast: If God drinks beer - and I think He might - it's an IPA.

If all of that hasn't turned you off, contact me here.

`Me and girl
Me and dog